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October 16th, 2017    

Episode 215: Darn It

On this week's Can't Talk Podcast, Amelia and Bell talk arts in school, which instruments are the actual worst on parents, raising gifted kids who may or may not have ADHD, and other things.

Bell recommends: stuff?

Amelia recommends: "Fresh of the Boat"

Also Mentioned:

Eldritch Horror

Elder Sign

"Agents of Mayhem"

"The Goldbergs"


"Brooklyn 99"

"Modern Family"


October 9th, 2017    

Episide 214: The Salt Devil’s Asshole

This week Bell and Amelia agree to talk about nothing and end up talking about our kids, Bell’s weird religious upbringing, and whether the Popemobile has a custom horn.


The High Conflict Couple"

"Thud"” by Terry Pratchett

Witches Abroad” by Terry Pratchett

Falling In Love Is Hard On The Knees” by Aerosmith

“Eat The Rich” by Aerosmith


October 2nd, 2017    

Episode 213: Toxic

On this week's Can't Talk Podcast, Amelia and Bell talk about toxic friendship, scary games, and "Destiny."

Bell recommends: "Destiny 2"

Amelia recommends: "Neverending Nightmares" (if you like super scary stuff)

Also mentioned: 

"Horizon Zero Dawn"

"Bioshock Infinite"


"The Stand"

"Dolores Claiborne"


September 25th, 2017    

Episode 212: The Okayness Feeling

This week, Bell and Amelia talk about recovering from depression, the misery of air travel (especially for fat people), and how the Patriarchy screws everyone.


Amelia recommends: “The Leftovers

Bell recommends cleaning or something.


Also mentioned:






September 18th, 2017    

Episode 211: Murder Is Fun

On this week's Can't Talk Podcast, Bell and Amelia talk teens, family, diet culture, and more!

Bell recommends: being less depressed!

Amelia recommends: gentle yoga

Also Mentioned:

"Jackbox 3"

"Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice"


September 11th, 2017    

Episode 210: All The Butts Are Missing

This week, Amelia and Bell talk about the difference between boundaries and rules, and whether people should dictate what other people say on social media.


Amelia’s on the fence about “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Bell’s blowing things up in “Agents of Mayhem


Also mentioned:

Saint’s Row 3

Saint’s Row IV

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West


The Daily Pratchett” on Twitter

Guards! Guards!

Alice: Madness Returns


September 4th, 2017    

Episode 209: Nerds Nerd Out

On this week's Can't Talk Podcast, Amelia is joined by her fellow "The Dark Tower" mega fan Zakk to talk about the books, the movie, and everything awesome about "The Dark Tower" series.

Zakk recommends: "Friday The 13th: The Game"

Amelia recommends: The audio version of "IT" by Stephen King

Also Mentioned:

"The Dark Tower" series

"Battlestar Galactica The Board Game"

"Red Dead Redemption"

"The Ghostbusters"


"Little Sisters of Eluria"


"Eyes of the Dragon"

"The Stand"

Our guide for reading "The Dark Tower"


August 28th, 2017    

Episode 208: Saintly Racist Grandpa

Nazis are bad. Video games are good. That's this podcast in a nutshell. 


Amelia has been busy with job stuff.

Bell is absolutely delighted with “Tales From The Borderlands.”

Also mentioned:


Mass Effect: Andromeda
Elder Scrolls Online

Horizon Zero Dawn

Uncharted Collection

Persona 5

Stories: The Path of Destinies

The Wolf Among Us

Game of Thrones

The Walking Dead

The Dark Tower

The Sexy Brutale

Just Cause

Nier: Automata

The Division

Fallout 4

God of War

Assassin’s Creed

Star Wars:Battlefront

Destiny 2

Witcher 3

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

The Secret World


The Girl In The Well

Good Omens


The Tick

The Emperor's New Groove

“Soarin’ Over California” safety video



August 21st, 2017    

Episode 207: Soft, Yielding Inside

On this week's Can't Talk Podcast, Amelia and Bell talk rape tropes in media and other things that are deeply disgusting.

Content Warning: The first 15 minutes of this podcast feature disgusting things people do with their genitals. The rest discusses rape tropes.

Bell recommends: "Boys Over Flowers"

Amelia recommends: "The Dark Tower"

Also Mentioned:

The TIFU subreddit

Grapefruiting (nsfw)

"Jane the Virgin"

"Mass Effect Nexus Uprising"

NK Jemisin


August 14th, 2017    

Episode 206: Why Do I Have This Guitar?

This week we talk about our experiences with romantic relationships; how have we changed since our first experiences with love?


Amelia recommends “Reply All” podcast by Gimlet Media

Bell recommends avoiding “Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets


Also mentioned:


The Dark Tower

Jupiter Ascending

The Fifth Element

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Deadpool 2

Black Panther

Atomic Blonde

Magic Mike

Reddit Relationships


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