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July 29th, 2013    

Episode 3: Donna Noble Is Our Queen

Spoilers: Doctor Who

In this episode, Bell and Amelia struggle through an awkward conversation about racism. No worries, though; the mood lightens considerably when the conversation turns to dental dams, serial killers, and Bell's boobs!

July 22nd, 2013    

Episode 2: Can’t Talk, Dick (Spoilers: Tomb Raider)

On this episode, Bell and Amelia discuss... dicks. And butts. Then we felt guilty about it, because people should not be objectified. We also discussed religion, the Bechdel test, and how Amelia destroys everything Bell loves through feminism. (It's her superpower.) 

(butt.butt is not an actual website. We checked.)

July 15th, 2013    

Episode 1: Geek It Secret, Geek it Safe

 In our very first episode of The Can't Talk Podcast, Bell explains why you shouldn't name your characters after bodily fluids and Amelia sings Megan Hart's praises. The conversation moves on to the books we loved as kids, trends in romance novels, and what happens when writers start "phoning it in". After that, the ladies (for lack of a better word) dissect the phenomena of geek exclusivity and how it ultimately relates to misogyny.

Discussed in this episode: (Click to follow links)

Bell does not recommend Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands 

Amelia highly recommends The Favor by Megan Hart

We're not sure how to feel about Public Service Announcement: Nerds 

Also mentioned:

(edit: Amelia got this wrong, mixing up Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice with the Story of O by Pauline Raege. Sorry!)