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May 26th, 2014    

Episode 45: Nipples!

We're talking cosplay this week with our friend Tara! She tells us about her experiences with creepers and sexy cosplay, challenges Bell to a pattern-cutting competition, and somehow tricks Amelia into playing Japanese dating sims. 

Amelia recommends: Time & Again by Jack Finney 
Tara recommends: Japanese dating sims 
Bell is iffy on Warm Bodies 
Also Mentioned:

May 19th, 2014    

Episode 44: It’s not porn, it’s HBO!

We're super excited to introduce our newest contributor, Melissa! This week we get to know Melissa a little better. She's a gamer and writer, and one of the hosts of the Reset Transmission. Warning: She reeeeally doesn't like spoilers. Not even fake spoilers. 

Bell recommends: Outrageous Acts of Science 
Melissa recommends: Game of Thrones 
Amelia recommends: The Phantom Tollbooth

Also mentioned: A Wrinkle In Time

May 12th, 2014    

Episode 43: Real Gamer ™

We're talking about origin stories again, but this week it's our own. We talk about the first games we played, the first consoles, the best memories. It's a good time.

Amelia finished all the things she's already talked about. 
Bell recommends Ink Master on Spike 

May 5th, 2014    

Episode 42: Life, The Universe, And Everything

It's episode 42! This episode obviously contains the ultimate answer. Well, either the ultimate answer or our opinions on how real romance stacks up against fantasy romance. 

Amelia recommends: Mr. Nobody (and other weird Netflix titles)
Bell does not recommend having a sick cat.
Also mentioned: