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August 25th, 2014    

Episode 58: Thrust All Three At The Same Time

On this week's podcast, we're joined by Amelia's husband Subbers to discuss MMOs. There were more bodily noises than Amelia prefers.

Bell may or may not recommend waiting until the last minute to finish cosplay sewing.
Amelia recommends 4 Elements
Subbers recommends Ingress

Also Mentioned:
Shadow Cities (now defunct)

August 18th, 2014    

Episode 57: Bell Likes Weird Shit

This week we rant about the Wil Wheaton Project. Then we discuss how to make a change in your life, especially when it means giving up something else you really like. (It's really difficult).

Bell does NOT recommend: The Wil Wheaton Project
Amelia guiltily enjoys: Switched at Birth
Also Mentioned:
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August 11th, 2014    

Episode 56: Pooping Convention

On this episode, we discuss perfectionism and its many evil forms.

Amelia hated Lucy (and spoiled it freely)
Bell is doing pleats again
Also mentioned:
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August 4th, 2014    

Episode 55: No, Vibrator Hand!

This week, Bell and Amelia talk a lot about cardio and why lifting tiny weights will do very little for you. We then move on to discuss Spreadsheet Guy, and why making a spreadsheet about your wife's sex life is a very bad idea. Not to mention disrespectful and creepy. Trigger warning: some talk of rape/sexual violence.