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July 27th, 2015    

Episode 106: Wild Speed Sky Mission

On this week's Can't Talk Podcast we are joined by Katey from Bitch Team Alpha to talk movies! We talk all the movies, the upcoming BTA/CT Pax party, and various other silly things.

Katey recommends: The Expanse TV Show
Amelia recommends: Ascension
Bell recommends: working a lot
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July 20th, 2015    

Episode 105: Please Don’t Make Me

On this week's Can't Talk Podcast, Amelia tries really hard to not talk about Magic Mike XXL again but Bell disagrees. We do talk about jury duty, homelessness, Elder Scrolls Online, and Maurice the bird. 

Amelia recommends: Terminator: Genisys 
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July 13th, 2015    

Episode 104: Pee Consultant

On this week's episode of the Can't Talk Podcast, we talk comic books and related properties with guests Sarah and Andrew! 

Amelia recommends: The Longest, Shortest Time
Bell recommends: Remembering how to use your camera equipment
Sarah recommends: Steel Fighting (not her video, but a video on this type of fighting)
Andrew recommends: Dungeons and Dragons
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July 6th, 2015    

Episode 103: Alright Alright Alright

On this week's Can't Talk Podcast, we talk about Magic Mike XXL. There's a lot to talk about because it's double extra large.

Bell recommends: Magic Mike XXL but not really Magic Mike original size

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