Episode 232: I Think Nipples Are Stigmata


This week sometime Can’t Talk co-host and skincare enthusiast Ness joins us to talk about “The Skincare Con,” an article that appeared on The Outline. Spoiler alert: we didn’t like it. We didn’t like it a lot.

Bell can’t stop watching “Celebrity Big Brother

Ness: Is playing “Dragon Age II” again. She’s also reading “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In The Age of Color Blindness” by Michelle Alexander

Amelia got to see “Hamilton” live. She’s also reading “Into The Drowning Deep” by Mira Grant


Also Mentioned:


D&D 5E “Player’s Handbook

Witches Moon Box

DIsabling Characters: Representations of Disability in Young Adult Literature” by Patricia A. Dunn

PSBC” (Formerly known as “Pancake Sex Book Club”

Happy For Now

Ravished” by Amanda Quick

Tiffany Reisz

Destiny 2

Mass Effect: Andromeda

13th Age




Laconic:  using or involving the use of a minimum of words : concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious



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